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Some of us like sweets. That's crap. All of us here at Brando like sweets. So we decided to have some fun and at the same time regulate our candy habit. We made a twitter operated gumball machine that delivered little doses of deliciousness whenever someone tweeted us during office hours. And oh, to say thanks to the top tweeter we sent them a hamper of delicious sweets. Watch the video below to find out all about it.

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Case Study

May 2011 and a new brief landed on our desks at Brando HQ.

However, this was no ordinary brief. This time the client was none other than ourselves.
Hooray, we've always wanted to work for ourselves.

We set the agency a challenge. We wanted a campaign that let people know about us. And showcased our talents and the people that work in Brando.

Fast forward several coffees, some head-scratching and a few brainstorms sessions - and we had our idea: TweetSweets. You tweet. We eat. Simple.

A simple idea yes, but there was a bit more to it than that.

Here's how it worked:

To start, we brushed up on our Arduino skills. We organised a class, got an expert in and learned how to hook a gumball machine up to twitter. Next, we hooked a gumball machine up to twitter, naturally. Now any time someone tweeted us using the hashtag #tweetsweets, candy dropped from the machine. We also set up webcam in the office so people could watch us while we collected our sweets.

We were almost ready. But first we wanted to create a buzz. So we sent out sweets to a few bloggers and bigwigs on the net and told them to keep an eye out for our launch.

The Launch

July 2011 and we were ready to go live. The good folk we sent sweets to had already started blogging about the campaign. But now it was time to start officially. We announced it on Twitter. The tweets began to roll in. People began to ask us to perform on camera and give them shout-outs. Of course, we were only too happy to oblige.

Within hours we were trending on Twitter. And we began to get mentioned in blogs, both in Ireland and internationally.

The Results

We'd over 6,700 video views, with over 2,000 tweets mentioning our hashtag. And we went international – with visitors from 96 countries to our website.

The only down side was we amassed quite the stash of candy. But rather than let it go to waste we finished the campaign by asking our followers which children's charity we should give it to. Twitter spoke and a hamper of sweets was sent to our lucky winners, Barnardo's Ireland.

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