If you do anything related to advertising then you would definitely know Dabitch. The queen of the advertising blog. She has been running Adland.tv since 1996 which makes her the self proclaimed “grand old dame of advertising blogs”. Her honesty and down right funny posts on Adland and twitter have made her our inspirational woman for today’s questions.

1. If the career you’re in now didn’t exist what would you be doing?

Inventing said career.
I used to be a bike messenger. I used to be a cartoonist. I used to be a visualizer. I’ve worked at a funeral parlour. These are ‘lonely’ jobs, in that you spend a lot of time in your own head, but at the same time you get to watch other people a lot as it’s part of the job, to observe people. Give me any job where I get to observe human behaviour and think, and I’m game.

2. What is one of your pet hates?

One? One? I get only one? Actually the pet hate is all the same one. Those who say “I’d love to write a book one day”, “I’d love to do what you do”, “I’d love to direct” or “I’d love to [insert whatever here]” but never make the smallest effort toward this goal.. You know those people. Yeah, I’d love for them to shut the fuck up and get on with it.

3. Who would you trust with your life?

Me. It’s a control freak thing, I won’t let you understand.

Nah, that’s not it. I can still rely on Mom, who still sees me as “the baby”. I can trust my true love. I have friends all over the world that got my back, and I theirs. There are bonds forged in life that can never be broken. My cat would save me from a burning building if he still had teeth to drag me with. So you know, ones life-mates come in all shapes, but some are better at other things than “saving” you. Like Lord Launch Lunch’s best skill is coughing up hairballs and attacking me with purr. It might not be a dramatic life-saving gesture worthy of an action film, but we shant underestimate the power in daily doses of unconditional love. It’s hella important.

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This blog was originally published on Goons + Loons on January 13, 2012. @goonsandloons is a blog run by Brand sweethearts @ohsochelsey and @deegeoghegan.

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