The din of the 2011 Six Nations Championship has quieted following an intense and competitive campaign from the lads.

This year we had some challenges in bringing the ‘Bring Back the Roar’ campaign to the digital space.

The key challenge technically was to express visually the users place in the ‘Roar’.

To achieve this, we immediately thought it would be nice to get a visual representation of your ‘Roar’.

To help us achieve this, we first had to find out how to record the users ‘Roar’.

We managed to do this using a combination of:

–        Recently introduced SampleDataEvent in flash, which allowed us to record sound data

straight off the mic

–        MicRecorder, which allowed us to save the audio from the mic as wav

–        Shine MP3 Encoder, which converted the wav to mp3

Once we had all this, we could record, analyse and share the users ‘Roar’.

Using this information, we could draw in real time the ‘Roars’ signature waveform.

All this meant the user could feel part of the ‘Roar’ in support of Ireland.

The below screen shots walk you through how users could record and share their ‘Roars’.


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    1. admin

      Thanks for the great feedback! And here is the link to the RSS feed http://www.brando.ie/?feed=rss2&cat=10

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